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Discworld Beer Festival

Discworld Beer Festival 2006

The second Discworld Beer Festival will be taking place from 8th to
10th December 2006 at the Memorial Hall in Wincanton.

Tickets are available for sale from and are priced
at £6.50. This includes entry, free festival glass (see below) and
access to all sessions over the weekend.

The Beer Festival will feature the full range of Discworld beers in
cask for people to enjoy during the event itself or take home, as well
as nearly 20 beers and ciders from local breweries. These have been
selected for their flavour and are designed to give a range of
different strengths so that there is something for everyone to try.
This is real ale at its finest and we hope there will be something for
even the most dedicated lager drinker to enjoy.

The Beer Festival is being organised in conjunction with the local
CAMRA branch and The Cunning Artificer, and the ticket price includes
your souvenir glass featuring the Beer Festival's logo specially
designed by the amazing David Wyatt. The entrance price also includes
your first half pint!

Festival T-shirts and glasses will also be available for sale to those
not able to attend. Glasses will be sent after the festival, T-shirts
before. This year we will have stemmed glasses marked at 1/3 pint for
people who want to try many of the different beers without falling
foul of the Oh God of Hangovers (but we make no promises!). We also
have the large pint glasses for when you find the beer you like and
settle in for the night.

The capacity of the venue is limited, so get your tickets early. Those
drinking must be over 18. For more information, please e-mail
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