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Discworld Convention 2006 - UK
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Friday, May 25th, 2007
11:01 pm
The words of the Cunning Artificer
From the Headquarters of the Discworld Jamboree 2007, Procurements and Pronouncements Sub-Committee, Cunning Artificer Department.

Embargo: None

Date: 25 May 2007

The Discworld Jamboree 2007 now has its own new and very shiny website with all the details anyone could need - the when, where, what, how much and who, though possibly not the why. Any interested Discworld fan now need only go to http://www.discworldjamboree.com/

Better still, there is now a Members' Area which displays the Rules of the Ankh-Morpork & District Scouting Association (Unaffiliated) and the Oath, together with the Minutes of the Meeting to Form the Proposed Ankh-Morpork Federation of Scouts (in the chair, Captain Carrot).

To access this area you have to have to have joined up to attend the Jamboree, or have purchased our rather splendid 'scouters' goodie bag. If you have done all of these things then mail discworldjamboree@gmail.com to receive the appropriate password.

These have been posted at the request of the Chief Scout himself, so that those attending the Jamboree will fully understand the aims of the A-M Scouting Movement, the importance of personal hygiene (especially while under canvas), and what size battle axe is acceptable in a camping environment.

Members will need a username and password for access to this area which can be obtained by emailing discworldjamboree@gmail.com

The Discworld Jamboree 2007 will be held on a field in Wincanton, Somerset, between 3rd & 5th August 2007. Amongst other attractions it will feature the Witch Trials and a Gang Show. It will be attended by the Chief Scout, Mr Terry Pratchett, ably supported by Mr Stephen Briggs and Mr Colin Smythe.

In creating the Jamboree website, we are indebted to the Chief Scout, Mr Terry Pratchett, and to Black Widow Web Design.


Posted on behalf of Bernard "The Cunning Artificer" Pearson

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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
7:27 pm
A message from Chairman Bruce
After keeping you all on tenterhooks for all this time, we are now accepting online membership applications for the 2008 Discworld Convention!

Even better: for a limited period, attending memberships will be available at 2006 prices.

But wait, there's more …

We're unveiling a completely new, streamlined membership and hotel system. You will now be able to apply, pay for and receive your membership number online within minutes and then go straight on to reserve your hotel accomodation. We have negotiated some very special accomodation deals with the Hilton Metropole Hotel for the period of the event and we expect these to be very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Visit http://www.dwcon.org for more information.

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Saturday, March 10th, 2007
7:45 pm
Hotel Info
Just to clarify, the link provided for The Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel is for general information about the hotel itself.

Ignore the prices for rooms, food and parking etc - these are negotiated directly with the Convention and will be announced presently.


Cross posted to discworld_2008
4:31 pm
Having looked at the hotel website, it seems that this is basically a "no cars" venue - they want £14 per night for parking. £14 is better spent in Sator Square or the bar, IMO. Which, obviously, is no problem for the about half of the attendees who would arrive by train anyway. But is is something that others should be warned of. It might have an inhibiting effect on some of the more enthusiastic costumes.

However, in most other ways it looks a good venue.
4:21 pm
New discussion groups for the Discworld Convention 2008
Now that the venue details are finalised and the announcement has been
made we would also like to welcome you to some new discussion groups for
fans interested in the 2008 Convention:

You can subscribe to the new mail list here:


There is also a LiveJournal community to join here:


Any other forums or lists will be announced as appropriate.

As always info@dwcon.org remains your one stop shop for information in
the short term.



Karen/hypatia Karen@lspace.org

Discworld Convention 2008, August 22-25, http://www.dwcon.org
4:21 pm
Announcing the Discworld Convention 2008
On behalf of the committee for the 2008 Discworld convention, I am very happy to announce that we have confirmed our venue and date for the 2008 convention. The 2008 Discworld Convention will take place from the 22nd to the 25th of August at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel. Full details of membership and hotel costs will be announced when we launch the revamped website at Easter, but we are planning an introductory membership fee of £50 (a £5 increase on the 2006 starting price).
The previous three conventions were hosted at the Hinckley Island Hotel and many of the attendees at those events have very happy memories of those events and of the hotel. For many members (and committee staff), the Hinckley hotel became almost synonymous with the Discworld convention. However, while the 2006 convention was a great success, the hotel itself did not provide an entirely perfect experience, although the friendly and helpful attitude of many of the staff was, once again, an important contributor to an enjoyable weekend.

The committee thought very hard before choosing a new venue for the convention, but we are very excited by the possibilities of the new hotel. In particular, we are looking forward to making the most of a main event room that can seat the entire membership (so no more people missing out on the opening ceremony or Terry's interview).

Most of all, though, we are excited about seeing you there. We want to see our old friends and regular attendees, who have done so much to create the happy memories of previous discworld events that motivate us to work towards the next convention. We want to see the new members and the suprises and new ideas they will bring. And Terry will be turning up at some point, don't forget.

Much more information will be available when we relaunch the site. Until then, hello again and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham.

Can't wait.

Bruce Richardson, Chairman, Discworld Convention 2008
Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
10:04 am
Discworld Beer Festival
Here is the *almost* finalised list of beers for the forthcoming Beer festival. The list is subject to slight alteration, due to some last minute supply changes.

We will have a stock of bottled Discworld beers and some other bottle conditioned ales from other suppliers. We will also have some glassware.

The last of the Nanny Ogg's Scumble will be coming to the festival - 3 cases remain and no more will be produced in bottles after this has gone.

If you haven't ordered your tickets yet, you need to do so by Tuesday night to guarentee they arrive in time.

We have had a lot of demand for tickets - please buy them now as we may run out of glasses on the door.

Locally Produced Real Ales

Glastonbury Brewery - Hedgemonkey (4.8%)
- Black as Yer 'At (4.3%)

Wessex Brewery - Naughty Ferret (3.5%)
- Honey Crock (4.2%)

Milk Street Brewery - Amarillo (4.3%)
- Bobbled (6.5%)

Blindman's Brewery - Icarus (4.5%)
- Golden Spring (4.0%)

Wickwar Brewery - Old Arnold (4.8%)

Hidden Brewery - Pleasure (4.9%)
- Potential (4.2%)

Mayfield - Naughty Nells (4.2%)

Yeovil - Summerset (4.1%)

Keystone - Cornerstone (4.8%)
- Bedrock (3.6%)

Small Paul's - Gylla's Gold (3.8%)

Locally Produced Cider

Hecks Cider - Kingston Black

Carpenters Cider - Dry (but not that dry)

Discworld Beers

Blindman's Brewery - Postmans Porter (4.5%)
Wessex Brewery - Madame Rosemary's Stout (9.0%)
Grainstore Brewery - Founders Ale (4.3%)
- Ridcully's Revenge (5.0%)
- Black Hogswatch (5.3%)
Iceni Brewery - Old Kingdom (5.0%)
Breconshire Brewery - Jimkin Bearhuggers Invalids Restorative (6.3%)
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
10:38 pm
Last Orders for BursarVixen Enterprises
Last Orders at BursarVixen Enterprises

We would like to take this opportunity to inform our loyal customers that we will be beginning the process of retiring the existing range of Discworld beers in bottled form and that they will not be available after August 2007.

As some people may be aware Paul has returned to his roots and become involved in organising the Discworld Jamboree for 2007 (bookmark www.discworldevents.com for details soon) and this is taking up a considerable amount of his time. To ensure the Discworld event of 2007 gets the attention it deserves we have decided to stop the production, development and sale of Discworld beers with final bottled stocks being available at the Discworld Jamboree in 2007.

Our delightful daughter Millie, along with other business and personal commitments, means that there just aren't enough hours in the day to continue with BursarVixen Enterprises and, rather than lowering the quality of our service to customers, we have decided to call time on BursarVixen's range of Discworld beers.

Since starting BursarVixen Enterprises in 2002 we have seen and done some amazing things. Our Discworld beers were selected for the Great British Beer Festival by CAMRA, and we followed Terry across the Atlantic for The World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon) in Boston where we organised the Guest of Honour exhibit and were the only UK based Discworld trader to brave the passage to the New World.

December 2005 marked another first with our Discworld Beer Festival held in Wincanton. We spent some interesting times at the 2004 and 2006 Discworld Conventions.

We are returning to Wincanton this Christmas for the second Discworld Beer Festival and providing cask beer for the Jamboree in August 2007. Discworld Beers will remain available for these special events in cask form only.

Our time among you is coming to an end – but there is a chance that bottled Discworld beer will live on. We would be interested to hear from anyone who would like to have discussions about carrying on the good work that was started by BVE and continuing with our Discworld beer licence. Anyone interested can email on the following address: sales@bursarvixen.com

Any transfer of our licence is all subject to approval at the highest level, and discussions at this stage are purely theoretical, but why not get in touch?

We look forward to welcoming many of you at the Beer Festival in December and to the Jamboree in 2007. Until then, we remain ready to supply bottled Discworld beer between now and Christmas and beyond into 2007, while stocks last.
Thursday, November 9th, 2006
1:01 pm
Discworld Beer Festival
Discworld Beer Festival 2006

The second Discworld Beer Festival will be taking place from 8th to
10th December 2006 at the Memorial Hall in Wincanton.

Tickets are available for sale from www.bursarvixen.com and are priced
at £6.50. This includes entry, free festival glass (see below) and
access to all sessions over the weekend.

The Beer Festival will feature the full range of Discworld beers in
cask for people to enjoy during the event itself or take home, as well
as nearly 20 beers and ciders from local breweries. These have been
selected for their flavour and are designed to give a range of
different strengths so that there is something for everyone to try.
This is real ale at its finest and we hope there will be something for
even the most dedicated lager drinker to enjoy.

The Beer Festival is being organised in conjunction with the local
CAMRA branch and The Cunning Artificer, and the ticket price includes
your souvenir glass featuring the Beer Festival's logo specially
designed by the amazing David Wyatt. The entrance price also includes
your first half pint!

Festival T-shirts and glasses will also be available for sale to those
not able to attend. Glasses will be sent after the festival, T-shirts
before. This year we will have stemmed glasses marked at 1/3 pint for
people who want to try many of the different beers without falling
foul of the Oh God of Hangovers (but we make no promises!). We also
have the large pint glasses for when you find the beer you like and
settle in for the night.

The capacity of the venue is limited, so get your tickets early. Those
drinking must be over 18. For more information, please e-mail
Saturday, November 4th, 2006
8:31 am
Hogfather Première
For some exciting news about the forthcoming premiere of the Sky One Hogfather adpatation, please visit:


Many thanks,

Paul Kruzycki
BursarVixen Enterprises
Saturday, September 30th, 2006
3:33 pm
Anyone going?
Crossposted to discworld and discworld_2006.

Just out of curiosity: is anyone going to the first German Discworld Cnvention Scheibenweltfest next february?


Current Mood: curious
Thursday, September 28th, 2006
11:04 am
If you're not busy tonight, I have a spare (and free!) ticket for the Wintersmith reading (Royal Institute of Education), 7pm. Anybody?
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
9:08 pm
I'm terribly sorry to pop up here unexpectedly, but I'm hoping someone can point me to the right person.

I have been looking through the photos of the convention (partly because several people I know were there and it looked fun but also...), specifically to find shots of a friend of mine, beckyl for totally self-serving reasons, as I made the corset that she was wearing for one of the nights of the convention, and I'd hoped to find photos I could add to my site.

I found one on the main listing of all the photos taken by various people and found one by "BarryR", and was hoping that he might allow me to use his picture. It's a really nice picture of beckyl . I'm happy to give credit for the photo on the site, obviously.

Looking through all the pictures made me seriously think I should go along with Becky next time as it looked like a total blast. Any help with picture-identification would be gratefully received.
8:14 pm
Belated Discworld 2006 Post
Cut to save those not interestedCollapse )
Anyhow, that’s the last of my summer backblog caught up with, I am now free to start whinging about work again.

X-posted to discworld_2006
Monday, September 4th, 2006
1:59 pm
Reminder - where to find news of DWCon 2008
2006 is in the wrapping up stage but the site will remain in its current form until the end of October.

If you are eagerly awaiting news of 2008 then check this page regularly for news and you can also still join the 2006 members mail list here:


or the Discworld_2006 Live journal community here:


or check the newsgroup alt.fan.pratchett.announce or any of the places where you have received announcements previously.

Be sure we will be sending out all the usual announcements when everything is in place.

In the mean time the place for all enquiries is still info@dwcon.org

Karen/hypatia karen@lspace.org
Communications Manager
Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
6:20 pm
Con Photos
I finally got a chance to post pics from the con.

Take a look here, and feel free to comment!
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
3:04 pm
Discworld pictures
My pictures from Discworld 2006 are now on the web at:


There are two pages of pictures with most of the fancy dress pictures on the second page.
Friday, September 1st, 2006
8:07 pm
On request of Lord Vetinari, the Dark Clerks are looking for the following people:

Have you seen these people?Collapse )

Do you have any information on these people, such as who they are and what their current whereabouts are, please leave a note.

The Dark Clerks would like to introduce these people to some lovely scorpions.

(Cross-posted to discworld.)
Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
2:46 am
The Lawyer's Report
Crossposted to yoodi, dark_clerks and discworld_2006.

Since so many people have been asking me, here goes

The Trial, From The Defence Lawyer's Perspective
"So how did you get to be Lord Vetinari's Terrier Lawyer, then?"

Find out in this loooooooooong report.Collapse )

All in all, it was a brilliant experience and tons of fun!

*GROUPHUGS everyone involved*
aka it's pronounced Yoh, not You
aka Dark Clerk von Reibekuchenlützelhausen, Überwald Department
aka "Oh, by the way, that's my Lawyer."
aka "Oo, it's you with that doll!"

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, August 28th, 2006
4:16 pm
My photos...
...are to be found here:



(x-posted to a variety of other places, don't complain to me if you read it more than once)
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