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Belated Discworld 2006 Post

So – I finally got to the Discworld con, after three hours were added to my journey by The Wrong Kind of Lightening on the signalling system. Thus I missed the opening ceremony, again. I didn’t take any photos at the con because I was too busy having a great time, but there seem to be enough photos on the community that I didn’t need to bother.
Since I was so late getting my act together for this one (I wasn’t entirely sure I was going until the last minute) I didn’t do the Maskerade or Reduced Discworld Theatre, so I actually got to enjoy watching them for once. I am told by a bearded bloke in a hat that the next instalment of the Land Under Wave series will involve new accessories for Miss Tick, so my aim is to start improving that costume (e.g. repairing the hat so it springs up properly) ready for use the next one. Instead, my dressing-up contribution to this convention was a fabulous purple ball-gown kindly donated by drsnortiblog, which someone caught a photo of here (hope there’s no objection to me linking, but since it’s already linked to on the community I hoped it would be OK).
I spent most of the con this time round with drsnortiblog, Barry and their son Jamie, who is nearly two and has the cutest Harry Potter specs in the world. Next time I demand to be able to dress him up and put him in the Maskerade (assuming he’s willing, as he will presumably make his opinion on the matter known by then). It was also good to see the_ladylark and hobnobs, who introduced me to the Munchkin CCG, which I foresee being a drain on my time and pocket money for years to come.
A highlight of the con for me was participating in The Alchemists’ silent film “The Seamy Side of Life” (made in collaboration with The Seamstresses). I was in charge of coming up with sewing-related double entendres for the Intertitles, though I’m still disappointed that “How much for a flat-felling?” was considered too obscure for use. With so many corset-makers at the con, I’m sure it would’ve raised a few sniggers…
Other highlights included previews of the forthcoming novels (‘Wintersmith’ for the Tiffany trilogy and ‘Making Money’, which seems to be pretty much a sequel to ‘Going Postal’) and the Hogfather TV movie, which looks better than I ever dared to hope. It’ll be on Sky at Christmas, and look out in the big pile of teeth for the 11,253rd tooth from the left in the 79th row up, because that’s now mine.
I was fairly sensible in the dealers’ room, though I have made up for it by beginning to purchase Discworld Stamps and engage in the hobby becoming known as Flatterly, which is beyond fannish and into the realms of meta-sad, but the stamps are so pretty, and some of them are rare… I am a slave to consumerism if you stick a Discworld label on it.

Anyhow, that’s the last of my summer backblog caught up with, I am now free to start whinging about work again.

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