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Discworld Beer Festival

Here is the *almost* finalised list of beers for the forthcoming Beer festival. The list is subject to slight alteration, due to some last minute supply changes.

We will have a stock of bottled Discworld beers and some other bottle conditioned ales from other suppliers. We will also have some glassware.

The last of the Nanny Ogg's Scumble will be coming to the festival - 3 cases remain and no more will be produced in bottles after this has gone.

If you haven't ordered your tickets yet, you need to do so by Tuesday night to guarentee they arrive in time.

We have had a lot of demand for tickets - please buy them now as we may run out of glasses on the door.

Locally Produced Real Ales

Glastonbury Brewery - Hedgemonkey (4.8%)
- Black as Yer 'At (4.3%)

Wessex Brewery - Naughty Ferret (3.5%)
- Honey Crock (4.2%)

Milk Street Brewery - Amarillo (4.3%)
- Bobbled (6.5%)

Blindman's Brewery - Icarus (4.5%)
- Golden Spring (4.0%)

Wickwar Brewery - Old Arnold (4.8%)

Hidden Brewery - Pleasure (4.9%)
- Potential (4.2%)

Mayfield - Naughty Nells (4.2%)

Yeovil - Summerset (4.1%)

Keystone - Cornerstone (4.8%)
- Bedrock (3.6%)

Small Paul's - Gylla's Gold (3.8%)

Locally Produced Cider

Hecks Cider - Kingston Black

Carpenters Cider - Dry (but not that dry)

Discworld Beers

Blindman's Brewery - Postmans Porter (4.5%)
Wessex Brewery - Madame Rosemary's Stout (9.0%)
Grainstore Brewery - Founders Ale (4.3%)
- Ridcully's Revenge (5.0%)
- Black Hogswatch (5.3%)
Iceni Brewery - Old Kingdom (5.0%)
Breconshire Brewery - Jimkin Bearhuggers Invalids Restorative (6.3%)
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