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The words of the Cunning Artificer

From the Headquarters of the Discworld Jamboree 2007, Procurements and Pronouncements Sub-Committee, Cunning Artificer Department.

Embargo: None

Date: 25 May 2007

The Discworld Jamboree 2007 now has its own new and very shiny website with all the details anyone could need - the when, where, what, how much and who, though possibly not the why. Any interested Discworld fan now need only go to http://www.discworldjamboree.com/

Better still, there is now a Members' Area which displays the Rules of the Ankh-Morpork & District Scouting Association (Unaffiliated) and the Oath, together with the Minutes of the Meeting to Form the Proposed Ankh-Morpork Federation of Scouts (in the chair, Captain Carrot).

To access this area you have to have to have joined up to attend the Jamboree, or have purchased our rather splendid 'scouters' goodie bag. If you have done all of these things then mail discworldjamboree@gmail.com to receive the appropriate password.

These have been posted at the request of the Chief Scout himself, so that those attending the Jamboree will fully understand the aims of the A-M Scouting Movement, the importance of personal hygiene (especially while under canvas), and what size battle axe is acceptable in a camping environment.

Members will need a username and password for access to this area which can be obtained by emailing discworldjamboree@gmail.com

The Discworld Jamboree 2007 will be held on a field in Wincanton, Somerset, between 3rd & 5th August 2007. Amongst other attractions it will feature the Witch Trials and a Gang Show. It will be attended by the Chief Scout, Mr Terry Pratchett, ably supported by Mr Stephen Briggs and Mr Colin Smythe.

In creating the Jamboree website, we are indebted to the Chief Scout, Mr Terry Pratchett, and to Black Widow Web Design.


Posted on behalf of Bernard "The Cunning Artificer" Pearson

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